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Data Management with the DWH Builder of Wilcon Data

To manage large quantity of data even from different sources, the DWH builder from Wilcon Data is a software solution that is easy understandable and self-explanatory.

Data are quickly imported and the exchange of data source is possible without any complications.

No time-consuming programming is necessary to map the data. The DWH builder performs regular recurrent tasks without maintenance operation: That is how process automation facilitates data flow in the company and enormously increases the quality of the data.

To cut a long story short:

These are the characteristics that a DWH Tool has to fulfil

    • Quality

    • Quickness

    • Simplicity

    • Flexibility

You pay a lot of money for your current DWH tool and you already miss one of these characteristics?

Then go ahead and make life and work easier – convince yourself of the amenity of our DWH builder and watch the video!

5 Reasons to use Wilcon DWH Builder

Attractive Price without follow-up Costs

When buying the Wilcon DWH Builder you will receive till the end of december 2017 all the upgrades and updates without charge.

This also includes the new modules that are developed in the meantime.

Buying a license comprises the usage of the Wilcon Datawarehouse Builder on a SQL server, irrespective of the number of transactions or tasks. There will be no further costs.

ease of use, intuitive operation

In the preview of the data that are currently processed the user can directly see how the data will be transported into the DWH.

The user will be guided safely through the critical points.

field-tested, stable, reliable

We have developed this product that is field-tested extensively. That means that this tool solves cases on the spot. And most of all it enormously simplifies the recurring processes.

shortens your DWH Processes

DWH processes can be improved and enormously shortened by the linkage of jobs, by the possibility to run jobs parallely and by the integrated scheduler with many unique options.

Satisfied Customers

All our customers use the DWH builder that is stable and runs without problems, without having information systems to intervene or regulate. As soon as a job is started, it runs automatically. And that is what our customers appreciate so much.

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