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Sales Forecasting, Demand Planning and Inventory Management


Because of the individuality of their planning processes users are often forced to construct monstrous excel designs that get more and more difficult or impossible to maintain.
Data have to be gathered at the end of a period, changes can only be made from a central position etc.

The only way out seems to be an individual software that especially has to be created.

With Wilcon PSI and Forecast you use a directly applicable system that is easy to maintain and very flexible, so that it offers a customized solution particularly for your needs.

Wilcon PSI and Forecast Features

Rolling wave planning

Just determine for yourself the time unit and period, be it 12 months, 24 months, 52 weeks or whatever you want

Automatic calculation of dependant articles

Administer dependant articles in the matrix structure to be able to forecast more precisely in your planning

Input of formula for each field

Create formulas so that you can see effects immediately. For example, an order in the current period directly increases the stock in the next period.

Function for comments for each field

Comments can be created individually for each field and are visible as soon as the field is activated

Dashboards and reports for each field

Create reports that can be adapted individually to each field. For example a report for sales, for the historic data, for the future data etc.

Mode ‘what would be, if...’

Test your entries by choosing the ‘play mode’.
Then nothing will be saved.

Administrative tool in key users’ hands

Extensions of master data, user administration, time interval, closings … everyting can be made easily by the user with the help of the Maintenance Tool

Extensive historic comparisons

With your own backups you can always compare new and old sales figures etc.

Export of data

You can easily copy your data into different formats like excel, txt etc.

Case Study 1

Find out how our Forecast and Planning tool helped the European division of a fortune 500 Consumer Products company to improve their KPI’s for on-time delivery and to visualize their data better so they can respond faster to the changing market needs. Read more (shortly)…

Case Study 2

Find out how our Forecast and Planning tool helped one of the German leading Document Service Management Companies.

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