Collecting sales predictions from e-mail attachments


The case:

A trading firm wants to upload predictions for the sales staff in their planning tool.

The task:

To organize it for the staff as easy as possible, an e-mail shall be sent every week, and the attached excel file shall be taken in order to be able to upload the planning dates.

The difficulty:

As we often work under time pressure, the data, as soon as they are available, directly have to be taken over into the planning tool. Furthermore, the respective excel files shall be saved on the server in order to be able to look at historical data anytime.

The solution:

Our DWH builder monitors the address of the mail server that receives the e-mail, in this case: Depending on the sender of the e-mail, the attachment will be uploaded to the drive attributed to the respective sales staff. If the file name contains certain signs, in this case ‘forecast’, our DWH builder will take this file, upload and save it on a backup drive with a time stamp.



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