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Advantages of the Wilcon SRS BI Reporting:
  • adjusts itself very quickly to use cases
  • offers high acceptance by data quality
  • enables realtime reporting
Slightly altered, Parkinson’s Law could read as follows:

Creating BI solutions exactly extends to such a rate as you have time to deal with it, and not to such a rate as complex as it actually is.

The Wilcon SRS is based on the idea that you can scan all business processes arbitrarily with the help of pyramids, and it provides a framework that offers ad hoc data evaluations. With the framework new data is directly loaded without any regeneration of cubes or other processes.

The Wilcon SRS is modern reporting that can adapt itself at lightning speed to the respective use cases and that already includes other standard reports such as geo-reporting, forecast and budget comparisons.

Always up-to-date

The intelligent transfer of new data in the SRS framework enables a realtime reporting. No regeneration of cubes and no waiting for the next day is necessary. As soon as new data comes in, it will be transferred into the SRS during running mode without delay.

Acceptance by Data Quality

From every point of the reporting you can break down to the smallest unit, be it the order number with the position, the invoice, the account posting – the SRS explains why these data have this result.

It’s all about Speed

To cut a long story short: The SRS is fast. Very fast.  Just test it!

That’s what Deciders say

The SRS reports enable us to widen considerably the level of detail of our reports. By creating individual reports every sales staff member has direct access to the numbers and displays that are relevant to him.The dashboards give a quick up-to-date overview of our business. We can thereby react immediately and make short-term decisions, which is a great benefit for our company. That is one reason why we have been appreciating the cooperation with Mr. Wilhelm already for more than 20 years.

Harald Bönig
General Manager Germany/Austria
Toshiba Tec Germany Imaging Systems GmbH

Users of the Wilcon SRS especially appreciate the advantage of having the reports that are relevant to manage the business centralized at one place. The ad hoc standard reports of the Wilcon SRS support our sales teams in evaluating the latest outcomes faster together.

Hans-Peter Thomassen
Controller Toshiba TEG Germany

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